Feedback Patch 2.0 After month

Dear developers and managers, be sure that I technically love your game and don’t want stop.
Absolutely understand that’s you need money for evolving game and need money in this dark times of covid. But here is lot of very very bad things!

As many players sad spider event is rly overpowered and rewards are too LOW! Now we can earn spell only through this event but reward is 10shards?! when needing more than 1000? Be sure thats crazy

FLAG / COLOSSUS EVENT / Hero last Stand
Hp think is rly good idea and I love that BUT this doesn’t work because lot of player’s play unfair and dropping rating. So questions is for who is this event? Because after event end New players must play against Overpowered player’s.

I absolutely don’t understand why is new chance for Shards!! Why it isn’t for Coins? And 1. Try Free 2. Try 200$ 3. try 400$ 4. try 800$ 5 try 1600 etc.

Bots/ AI is sometimes rly crazy! Pleas fix it. When AI has 3 spell, lesser CD on spells and 2x refresh rate on minions its crazy!

Fix matching in this events (expect LHS everyone knows that is only against AI)
!! Or match players through players POWER Rating instead trophy!!

I rly don’t understand your political why this points need reset?! Understand accessories point but Phoneix? That’s rly stupid idea sorry for my words but it’s true.

Pleas next question is why exists 7-8 different “golden” pass? Why you don’t create 1 pass what open you quest lines, event’s and dayli chests? Ofc for example 2000-2500 shards But this is not optimal way.

Thanks for reading @Noella and others developer’s, manageres, and other community players.
Pleas do something or this perfect lovely games “end”.


I totally agree, today I uninstalled the game for a while until this things are improved. Its really dissapointing top player of event were dropping their trhopies to play unfair, I REPPORTED THIS MANY TIMES and there is no solution about this.
For events IMO its necessary remove life system for individiaul leaderboard, and if we get the last reward its more probably that we buy the battle pass. Today I lost really quickly in the event and the life system doesnt give you the chance to test different strategies and this is a strategy game and every strategy is different on each event. I hope you listent the community, there are to many people dissapointed with the game. I spent money on this game to support the game, but now dont deserve our money.


I also spent thousands of dollars and made several suggestions after the update, but they ignored me and felt that they all gave up the community.

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omg…u spent money for this game?
poor you

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback, Frankenstejn. I understand your points and I’d like to share some context/updates on the topics you mentioned.
Many have brought up the difficulty of the last Spider event and the team is currently working on gathering all the data and adjusting the difficulty. This will be addressed before it’s time for the next one. We will keep you up-to-date on this.
With yesterday’s update we have introduced a so called Arena floor which prevents players from dropping to previous Arenas. This will, among other things, tackle the tanking issue you mentioned.
Future, more frequent events will give more chances for collecting Hero/Spell shards. Boss Raid rewards will from now on include shards from all Heroes to facilitate easier shard collecting. Regardless, this feedback has been shared with the team as well as the rest of your suggestions. As we work on improvements we’ll announce any updates/changes timely. Thanks again!
In the meantime, good luck with battles and have a nice day,

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I think you really need to resolve the issue of matchmaking for events
Even if you have introduced an arena floor people are still tanking a lot…
i’ve been in so many matches where people are tanking i’m starting to think i should do the same.

if you’re level 11 and have 5000 trophies and you tank to 4100 trophies who will you be matched against in events??? level 8-9-10 with 4100 trophies? that’s unfair

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