Feedback for patch 2.0

Dear Developers/Community managers,
Here is my own feedback for new update. Hope it will help you :slight_smile:

  • Here is no deeper explains how works Glory points/Ascension point
    (Lot of pp about don’t know how earn that or if existing any day cap, please give us some information, thx)

  • Local chat
    (Here don’t know why every time when close game, local chate is empty. Why its delete all old message after close app? Why it isn’t same like guild chat?)

  • Wery wery nice main menu but rly uncomfortable
    ( New menu have nice graphic style but find this:" Leader board", “Pvp chest”, “Guild Danation” is terrible)

  • Title
    (When I earn some new title I can’t find How I Earn it / For what. Don’t understand why you perfectly did it when title is “locked” but unlocked titles lost these buble with explan)

  • Fast disenchant of trash Armots Items
    (When click on Selll and after "Auto select button why it’s not mark all 1lvl common Items?)

  • Armor equip or disequip, minion’s setup
    (Again it rly boring when I must do this changes only with 1+ candle :slight_smile: why isn’t block entrance to the mision after the selection menu? Hope you understand)

  • Others negative is you add lot of new box/bundles and 37362728 others for real money, understand why you do that, but always remember: Please don’t do this game pay2win! It can be rly nice world competitive games! So :slight_smile:

But globally its positive and rly good patch with new futures. Stay in this way of improving and fixing.
Thanks and hope you understand.

Player Terrin Rhii Frankenstejn
PS: Stop nerfing Terrin Rhii!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks for this amazing feedback, Frankenstejn! In depth and helpful as ever. We’re getting it to the team. Please keep the thoughts coming as you continue to check out the new update! :slight_smile:


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In the real why isn’t “default” menu screen maximum zoom out? Like this:

Instead of this?:

Bc now when want play for example pvp or in the future spider event, must zoom out or “scroll”/ find it on the menu.
Basically zoomed out is much mor practical and instant see everything…
Think about it dear Developers/CM

Thank you for reading,
Player Frankenstejn

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I would de-emphasize the unavailable areas in the main screen. ( the two raid battles on the left and the three on the far right)

Right now only campaign, tower and arena are active and available but it looks like everything is active.

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Agree wih you. Maybe good idea is all inactive area make in frost coat like “unknown” events or decolor them.