Feedback after 1 month playing

Hello, like i’ve said before, i really love this game but there’s a few things that i believe could be improved:

Reward system: currently the game rewards people for playing casually every few hours instead of playing as much as they want. In fact, sometimes its better not to play if you manage to reach a very high arena and you wanna keep receiving chest from that arena. It also only promotes playing your strongest deck in order to unlock the best chests; this is bad because playing the same deck all the time gets boring fast, you wanna test new builds and try new heroes to keep things fresh but the game punishes you for doing so.

Solution: Give some extra incentive for each win, maybe something like 2 x arena lvl of each rune, and make it so all your chests rewards are equal to your highest arena achievement during the season.

League season rewards: The overall idea its great but the fact is that the reward its too small for all the time and effort that requires over the course of the 6 or 7 days it lasts so most of the players just ignore it. It also makes no sense to get promoted if you didnt receive any reward.

Team mode: add some sort of cooperative mode to play with clan and friends.

Events: hopefully make them more offen (if possible)

Practice mode: give a notification after the match ends to allow the game to continue indefinitely with infinite portal hp, sometimes you wanna test something but the game ends before you can do it.

Dispossing a card: make it so once the card starts to burn its already considered as dispossed; it is really frustrating when you drop a card and yet you still lose the next turn one.

Other stuff:

  • Let us download replays
  • Show gold and exp gain before donating minions
  • Allow to see all resources at once
  • Allow to check for current ping
  • Show starting cooldown of spells in description aswell
  • Consider adding cosmetics as an extra way of income

Best regards and keep up the good work!


Great points you’ve made there! Id like to add that the rewards for all the events that have been created are weak! Who wants to waste time working for a number one spot for just a chest…and not even a good chest at that? Doling out mythic cards was a great event reward.

Also, why ask for replies on your message page if you have it turned off?

Agree with everything. I ve been complaining (respecfully) about the game’s reward system since forever and they never cared. Seems like each day that passes im closer and closer to just quit it, cause theres no point in keep playing. Wich is sad, considering the game has an amazing potential.

Thanks for all of this constructive and detailed feedback everyone! You raised some great suggestions that we’ll deliver to the team. :slight_smile:

Regarding the rewards system for events, we’re hearing the feedback that’s being shared about these recent challenges. Please see this thread about Capture the Flag where we go into this in greater detail.

Please keep it coming!