Everyone I play has some elite heros I dont have

This game was really fun at first and a good replacement to castle crush. Now it seems like everyone it matches me with has this one hero that makes me loose everytime. I am about to give up on this game. I have over 100 wins but I havent found this hero

Which hero?
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Lol man i have like 6k games and i only have 3 legendaries, if you play every day you get like 1 legendary card a month average. Its all about the journey xD.

a que heroe refieres croquetamente,y ademas las legendarias no son las mejores,sino pregunta a quien juege con solo legendarias

Juggernaut and charger are the two heros that kill me and I dont have either

You just need to get more cards or make a better deck, those 2 cards are pretty weak; in fact nobody ever uses them at 4k+ trophies. Juggernaut weakness is that it cost too much mana and has average health. I dont know what cards you have already but if you dont have viper or pixie or silver ranger to deal with juggernaut, you can always use frost imp+some basic units. So for example you can spawn valkyrie or archers and rolling rocks and then freeze him, or if you have time use ravenous scourge and once they are multiplied freeze before he lands a blow. Another idea is to use ranged units and when he is getting close you spawn water elemental and push him away. Theres a lot of things you can do, good luck.

Also shadow huntress is a good counter