Event - you try fix it but its still broken!

Dear developer’s, managers, designers and whole Nordeus. I know and hope you do best. I still belive you work hard and want improve you game. So I don’t want criticism! I only want help bc players are mad.

So I try show you where is problem.

Why is in game the events and for which one?

Are you add this event for “Everyone” or as competition “best of best players” ?
Now it’s looks like Competitive but true is different lot of players at low levels stand only against AI, and be sure this low lvl AI are in this events RLY stupid.
Next players ,before you last update, dropped under rating 2000 and again stand vs stupid low lvl AI!

Why your last update think doesn’t work?
Its easy, event rewards are bigger and better than for rating/trophy!!! What’s better? 1 chest for rating or 2-3 events rewar for month :slight_smile: it’s easy decision :slight_smile:

AND THIS IS BIGGEST PROBLEM! Do you want accessories point, phoneix point, rare avatar, rare title, mythic minion? PLAY EVENT. Are you player 3500+ rating this event will nightmares bc stand only agains players and fast loose your HP. Are you player 2000 or deranked, It’s absolutely easy play and for them is problem only time.

Why 1/2 payers stand against player and 1/2 against AI. Of course here is top 20 players who stands agains Tooo OP AI what’s crazy too :confused:

Ok now hope you see the problem. How to solve it?

  1. Delete :heartbeat: because it’s most unfair for player 3500+ ( And change “new chance” for coins instead of shards)


  1. Any special rating for this events NO TROPHY match making! ( Something like MMR or your Hero power raing)


  1. Remove Global and Group → Do Player LVL table and rewards. "All player’s lvl 8 separate group, All players 11 separate group ( each group can have different rewards) ( Ofc matching lvl8 vs lvl8 etc! and for each group “special” AI)


  1. Only stand against AI or only against player. Not both!


  1. Rework rewards. Remove phoneix points and accessories from the event and give it to !! competitive !! Games (Brutally Improve trophy rewards) and events rewars makes only event chest
    ----> for example 1.global place only Huge event chest. Nothing more!

Thanks for reading and hope you understand where is problem. But pleas change it! This rly didn’t work! This system only trigger players or make them mad / flustrate :frowning: .
Hope you understand

Player Frnkenstejn


So? @Noella @Valen Are you understand what i wrote?

the current top player on colossus event has minions lvl 10 and is fightining with opponents with minions lvl 4, because he down his trophies to 1500 before. I reported this many times and they do nothing. all this event competition is completelly fake, unfair. I am very tired to report this things, this game is already dying.

Ofc they don’t “ban” then bc it isn’t something against rules. Its broken events not bad players. When for rating hase 1chest and for events 10? Something is wrong!!!

Thx for this constructive feedback! I Just also want to give my opinion for the developers here in order to help too.
The most of us are frustrated about the ranking system and the impact of this ranking on the events, that’s now a fact for sure!
I m trying to list the most relevant problems and try to give a constructive possible solutions to the current issues:
#1: ranking list and events
As it has been said many times from many players, the seasonal ladder isn’t interesting for all of us due to the difficulty when high ranked to events. I’m trying hard to understand why the difficulty shouldn’t depend on the deck power instead of the ranking list. That could be a great solution… and even players want to drop the deck power they will have to play cards that hasn’t been high leveled and might not get any benefit from it because the difficulty of events should stay proportional of the deck potential… in other words it won’t be possible to cheat by dropping points or deck power.

#2 the gauntlets ascension system:
First i though: what a good idea from developers! Now the problem: its to intensive to play 2 or 3 events a week for a lot of players who gets frustrated to see no life players getting the points to ascend. players doesn’t spend much time for the ladder, most of us are trying hard on events while keeping the trophies low in order to achieve the events… this modify the essence of the game. Instead of having one game as we knew, we have a few mini games which are completely different from gameplay ( which is good) but main game as we know should stay the main game i mean the normal pvp without any flags, colossus or other things… so please dear developers make the normal game and ladder more attractive to us…
Solution: give unique skins for portal, minions or maybe spells to the top players. Other possibilities are artifact but this is the #3 point a want to discuss here later in this treat. In my opinion To have a better balance to all points i ve described we should make the ascentions of minions a bit weaker and maybe different for some that are obviously too OP. But please read #3 to understand what i mean. As a result we would have a better balance and players will not have to play 24 hours 7 days a week to still have fun on ladder or events.

#3 Artifacts and equipments:
Personally i find this could be the most interesting part
Give players the chance to collect more artifact in order to forge them as a unique stuff so that players doesn’t get mad if they didn’t get the right peace with the right stats… players should have the possibility to craft the artifacts so that they could decide in relation to the deck which minion they want to power up(even if the crafts should be randomized like in games such as diablo for example. Of course for that purpose they will have to craft a lot… i mean if you give the possibility to craft stats on more artifacts and a loot system in chest for example players will craft more for sure and might get closer to a set up that they really want to use. Of course the stats should be a bit weaker in order to balance the game.
BUT in order to make it more spicy you can add the ascensions of minions in the artifact when it is maxed out. This will also have a big positive impact on the ascention and gauntlets system: players will still have interest to ascend their minions which they want to use and didn’t ascended threw artifacts, and new players will still have the chance to ascend what ever they want threw the seasonal possibilities. In order to do that the gauntlets shouldn’t be anymore, or the ascentions shouldn’t be limited to gauntlets as we all know that the first "gauntlet "week isn’t interesting at all for anyone because of the lack of possibilities to ascend… at the end the ascension system will be interesting for veterans and new players because you will always want to ascend minions in order to change and adapt to the current meta and if you have 6 fat artifacts with a special ascension per artifact (which means max 12 ascended minions which are not mythical or legendary) per deck even at the start of a brand new season you will have fun to try to ascend a few legendaries or other minions to counter the meta and develop a strategy against cards that are often played…

This would certainly also simplify for a lot of players the game even if it sounds complicated now… sorry my English isn’t good enough to explain exactly what I mean but i hope a few brains can understand the essence of what i wrote here.
Thanks to all who read this long text and i hope that some developers or managers could understand what i mean… i m just trying to help to save this game which has a big potential but in my opinion is dying right now…

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If only they had a way to somehow calculate a deck power… Oh, wait… We don’ t speak about that, do we?

As random the calculation could be, it can’t be worse that the trophy system

I have almost abandoned the game. The only thing that keeps me from uninstalling is the friendships i made. The game has a good community and friendly communication between the teams. This is rare. But people keep uninstalling the game after the update

Also, setting a barrier on how much can someone fall in trophies is a briliant idea. But dropping the higher level players at 3.400 and matchmaking them with lower powered players, you just make angry more people…! Seriously, this is getting ridiculous…! Are you doing this on purpose, will it lead to something better that at the moment we can’t understand?

@Noella @Valen I don’t understand new update 2.0.7

You have any problems in the game (event) but you change lot of other different.

1.UI brilliant change
2. Book chapter change?! So why? You wanna try fix event through story mode?! That’s creepy.
Again problem isn’t in mechanism but in rewards system / heart system.

!!! Again rating system 1 chest after 1 month + 1 chaper with low spell rewards - Events phoneix point , Accessories point, Cheats for events 3x per month!!! Pleas this what you didi only cause another players leave. And still you don’t fix the mine problem.

Pleas pleas 1st of all rework this.

Some good suggestions. For people who only have a few hours a week to play. This will make it more interesting and lessen the boredom of same battles different names.

Certain events finish, and yet the 3 star reward and others it shows I should get
I don’tt, this is why I’ve not spent money yet, was looking forward to my first 3 star item