Drop rate and balance

Hello! Sorry for my bad English. I have 2 questions to the devs.

  1. What have just happend with drop rate after the last update? I’ve got only common trash and 1 rare from last 15 chests what the heck?
  2. U nerfed 2 Noella’s skills (yes they was op), but u forgot about Vallen skills with 30 and 25 sec cd or most op skill “Holy shield”?
    I’m playing this game about a week and now at 4.5-5k trophies and almost every game is vs Vallen (my skills at 4 and 5 lvl and minions at 6-7 vs default opponent with 7-9 lvl skills and 8-10 lvl minions).
    Give me some tips maybe how to counter dude with same minions but +3 lvls each and with x2 lvl skills with less cd. Maybe donate more? Lol

Yeh you are right. Vallen shield is OP and hope Devs nerf him.
Noellas spell thing still need nerf :frowning:
And your chest? Maybe unluck. in last 2 days I pick 2 legends card

Player Frankenstejn

Which Noella’s skill needs to nerf? Anyway im using only 2 commons cuz she’s lvl 3. I’ve got only 1 legendary and it was before last update and i hope it’s only unluck, not fixed drop rate

Bigger nerf need spell: Ice spears. That DNG to the gate is too big ( ± 15% of my gate HP) with CD 30 sec.
“My” hero Terrin has at all spells (good spells)CD 40+ sec
And hope you will have better luck next time for better card bro :wink:

My girlfriend love to play as Terrin but he’s weak for now on 3k+ and she suppose to play as Noella :slight_smile:
He really needs a buff to contest vs imba Vallen and Noella.
Thanks for good words for my drop, btw i’ve just got 2 epics in last 5 chests :wink: