Did anyone beat Campaign lvl 194?

It’s the level where at the start, 3 abominations spawn, and shortly after, 3 more abominations. My Terrin has really good equipments, all 2 stars lvl 10, and I can’t kill a single one of them. I’m at a total loss here and have no idea what to even try.

Does anyone have ideas or experience with it?

use twist spell, ice imp and water elemental to win time, use viper and ravenous plague to kill abominations, both are very effective against it.

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I made it first try after your comment, thanks :smiley:

you’re welcome, please tell me if you can beat lvl 200, because I can’t :sweat_smile:

I don’t think so lol, I’m at 200 now and it’s crazy

I just gave it my best try and didn’t even manage to deal a single point of damage to the boss. This level is actually insane.