Devs must do something. Urgent!

Hi guys. This game is dying.
Clearly, national guildes have all difficulties to survive. Only international are active enough. More and more players are leaving.
This game needs a serious update. Interface is weak. The guilde search window is not good.
The ascension looks totally random. Its totally non sense. The commandant boost is bugged. The speed boost remains even if the commandant dies. Fix it please. You are not fixing metas, its ruining the fun.
This game is extremely hard, it takes ages to upgrade units or heros. For making a good guilde raid, it involves insane time and gemmes, and every 15 days! Its impossible to perform every 15 days! And for what? Very disappointing rewards. If you got lucky, you will maybe get one good artefact.
I want to remind you that it is a mobile game. People wont wait for 3 years to get a decent hero or deck. Even if we pay, its still extremely hard. People leave. If you dont do something to make this game more attractive, it will die for sure.

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I agree that they are ignoring the metas and you have no idea how many people are playing so I doubt the game is dying.

This game is free to try but if you expect to advance at all you are going to need to purchase it, that’s simply the business model for these games.

You can play world of Warcraft for free also but to go higher than level 10 you gotta buy it. Not sure why people don’t understand this.

I’ve spent a lot of money to support this game and people that refuse to do so should not be able to compete with me at all. That would be unfair to us.