Dear developers

how is tht possible when the game starting and starting uploadin my high mana leveled minions only (5-6 mana), my opponent always start with low leveled minions so i cant defend myself at the begining?

hehe…so strange, dont u think?

szóval basszátok meg a kurva anyátokat ezzel a szar játékkal
csodálom hogy van pofátok pénzt kérni ezért
a kurva anyátokat ti büdös faszkalapok

Are you still playing? Can you share your deck? What is the total mana cost of your deck?

so amasing game
did play 10 times with different heroes, spells and minions
7 lost, 3 win
congratulations, heroic team

nem, nem tudom megosztani…
de nem is kell mindent neked megoldani

How old are you?

(Blank text)

who the fuckin care how old i am…
am leavin this shit place

this game fully unplayable, unfair, irritating
always playin against stronger enemy
chests are unuseful
better play just with money

Out of 12 cards if I have 9 cards 3 mana or less the game still starts me with 5, 6, and 7s.

I’m sick of this too, too much RNG. only money and RNG controls this game, I’m looking for alternative games.

Why even match me with an opponent 1000 more trophies than me? It’s a loss. Mine as well just make it a loss and not waste any time. This is the same garbage mechanics of all games these days. I didn’t get this game wanting to play poker.

I agree, when I find another fun game, I’m finished with this.