Dead game - something of a dirge

I’m skeptical as to whether anyone will even respond to this post - is anybody still playing? I haven’t had motivation to in a few months. I played this game back when it was still called Spellsouls and basically existed as a Castle Crush clone (another game which is long dead)

There’s nothing to keep my interest anymore, really. No new minions, modes, content to campaign or anything like that. Nordeus doesn’t really respond to much aside from barebones seasonal balance changes

I’m sure they still make enough money from in-app purchases for it to be worth maintaining the servers, but ehh. What’s the appeal anymore? When the developer loses the passion they once had, so too does the player

I don’t foresee this being anything but the status quo going forward. I miss this game and the love it once received

I’ve noticed a bit or lack of interest , agree nothing new, most of our guild plays pretty much daily but latly i’ve had a lot of internet problems. Lots of discontent in regard to the war , im sure things will get better

Your optimism is misplaced

Possible, time will tell if they have their act together to do something about it

Our guild and our many rivals are still going strong. I would suggest maybe making friend’s instead of whining that no one is playing. Also if you are not enjoying it then don’t play it, most people with common sense don’t do things they don’t enjoy.

When did I say I don’t enjoy the game?

I took the time to write out this post precisely because I enjoy this game so much. I simply miss when Nordeus cared to do more than the bare minimum to keep things fresh and interesting