Commander minion too much op

Hi. I come back here to inform you about the commander.
This unit is now on more than 50% decks. Its everywhere. And thats making sense because its really really overpowered.
Commander + valen shield, commander + colossus + health wave, commander + alayna statue etc etc…
This unit is absolutely horrendious. It seems obvious that devs should increase its cost fast. 3 is absolutely too cheap. It should be at least 4 or 5. Not only its capacity is very strong, but moreover the minion itself is quite strong.
And i want to add one more thing: when commander is boosted with ascension, if the commander dies, the speed boost on all over units remains! Is that supposed to be normal or could it be considered as a bug abuse??
Thats my point of view.
This game becomes extremely annoying and boring. 1/2 games is vs this kind of combo. This meta must stop.
Please take care of my opinion.
Thanks a lot.