Christmas they give a legendary

Gentlemen of NORDEUS since the legendary shine by their absence I have a request, this Christmas they give a legendary to all the players, since we are all who make it possible for this game to continue improving, merry Christmas.



playin with more robots
unplayable, unfair game

Man, seriously? You seem to hate the game sooooo much. How comes you are still playing?

Gra wymaga nie codziennej cierpliwości ale cierpliwość popłaca pozdrawiam
Z pokładu

i like this game, but irritating to play against robots, always stronger robots and always losing

You can change your strategy by using different cards and different spells. For example: When I was rated 3000+ I always started to face with spam decks. I couldn’t even reach the other half of the lane, and by the time I got there, the little minions of the enemy had done too much damage to my portal. At that time, I was using Ruul’s first and third skills. Then I decided to replace it with Noella’s sixth and fifth skills. Because Noella’s fifth skill is an obstacle with ice molds and these obstacles explode when damaged. The minions of the spam deck are thus destroyed when they destroy those obstacles. Her sixth skill freezes the minion and causes him to take more damage. I used this ability to kill the big minions of the enemy. Because all spam decks often have soul leech, bloodstalker or abomination. Also when you use Noella’s fifth skill, you can use a minion in the middle of the lane. There is too much strategies dude. Just try different things.
Edit: My mistake. Not fifth and sixth skills. Fourth and fifth skills of Noella. Sorry again.

there is always, always a counter deck for yours, if you want to play and win every time, well …

and in higher lvls bots are not that regular

i’m agree with braun when you arrive at 4900 point , bot are very rare most of the time you play against real player