Cheat player Ромео

Player Ромео from the team RUBICON plays with cheat. He got his hero skills restarting a 5 sec earlier than other players. Please check his game replays!

Maybe he is a robot. Damn it, developers are not willing to invest in promotion. Now there are too many robots in this game.

Shplint, can you share a replay?

Here in this forum there is a lot of talk about robots, what robots are they referring to? I don’t quite understand it, forgive my ignorance, thank you.

u see…seems not just me sayin this shit robot system

maybe developers like if players lost a lot
money more important for those idiots

They use bots (not real players) to make queue times shorter, sometimes you play vs real players and sometimes vs bots. Bots usually have fake clans, they cant be seen in leaderboard and can also use cards that most players dont.

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My mother that is, then we would be talking about hackers, I thought that online games could not be hacked, because yes you take trouble

u shud pay more and more money to win
this stupid developers just want tht
when u start to be good in game, u just get robots to loose some