Cards needs nerfs!

The card the summons the female(name escapes me) that shoots fire balls that kill ALL MY CARDS REGUARDLESS OF LEVEL AND % health needs to be toned down. Have her do 50% of something max health her her max health becayse she is COMPLETLY BROKEN. I feel like I am winning she summoned and it’s a snowball for them. You nerf heroes please nerf your cards to make things more even.

Fire Witch ? Ddddddjdddddddd

But what if, what if, you had a fire witch?! Then you would love it. That’s what I thought until i got one, and I hate playing it because the witch takes too long to launch fireballs! Opponents kill my witch by freezing her, or pound her with Rhiis power, or stun her with pixie, then she doesn’t fireball! You need to get good then you will understand. Stop asking for nerfs before you know what’s going on.

But what if call me crazy I would like something balanced. I cant help if you arent good and use her when the other person spells arent on cooldowns and gets nuked. So check yourself before you tell someone to get good.

You don’t even know if she “balanced” or not. Know why? Because you don’t have the stats. You literally don’t have the spreadsheets to see if that card tips games into higher win percentages. What you do have is frustration. What is unbalanced is your frustration. Until devs admit witch card cause unbalance there’s no need to claim it so. I have the witch card and for 9 Mana points I get more frustrated when people stun her, freeze her, and pound her, that she can no longer use fireball. So I DON’T use her. She is more frustrating to play then to play against imo. Do you use witch? If she so OP, then go use her… or get good.

Use frost imp. Counters witch and is one of the most useful 3 drops overall. The stats are also decent.