Card bid and challenge mode


I have couple ideas for this game. I’ll put down the ones I like the most and hope that are interesting and nobody suggested them before.

For fun, on the challenge battles, selected minions should not be restricted by 2 each. 12 vs 12 of the same minions would be more funny on those guild challenges. Also would be nice to challenge players from other guilds as well.

Second one, is about the cards, and it’s more complex. There are a lot of unused card and runes in game so the ideea is to sell and buy them almost the same way we find them on the market.
Examples: Player offers 20 Frost imp cards for 1000 realm runes, 5 brute cards for 1000 gold, 1 Amazon card for 15 mega runes, 1 phase assasin card for 25000 gold or even ask for gems. I know that this means competing with the games market but if this can be adjusted, let’s say only one offer per week as deadline, might make the game more interesting and keep more players in.