Cant play events

I have been playing the game for over a month now and cant seem to play any of the events. They are not even on my screen as an option. I have installed all the updates and even deleted and re installed the game and still no luck. Please help

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Me and some of my friends too :frowning:

We don’t have “event button”.

Bro i know what u feeling, i have the same.
Thats what Administrations answer
“Hi xanoff, I totally get the frustration and I wish I had different info to share, but for the moment while these events are being tested for these few weeks, some won’t see these events. I know for sure it won’t be for forever though, so I hope that you’ll bear with us during this testing phase. I’ll share more news with you directly as soon as I know more. I really appreciate your patience, and sorry again”

My search keeps going around but no challengers
Even after update i can not play EVENT catch yhe flag
Thanls for nothing
Bet there will be no compensation

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Same here… Looks like we’re screwed for this one ^^

Same, i’ve never seen an event button

A mí tampoco me figura el botón de ningún evento, SOLUCION YA!!!

Hi everyone,

As xanoff mentioned above, these events are being tested, so some may not see them at the moment. :frowning:

It is frustrating, but I greatly appreciate the patience while we continue to test these events during these weeks. As soon as we have more info to share, we will follow up.

Apologies and thanks for your continued patience


Now it’s all solved thank you!

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