Can you explain

Can you explain to me how reaching the 4700 trophies in the season restart, I stay below the 3400 trophies? Specifically 3385 trophies please explain.

Hello Juan, the Legendary Arena League resets every two weeks on Monday at 12pm CEST. When that happens, all players in the Legendary Arena have their trophies reset to 3400 trophies where the Legendary Arena starts. If you’d like us to double check whether everything worked well for your case, feel free to send me your user ID in a direct message.

If you are on a battle at the moment of the reset and you lose just after the reset happens, the points get exctracted from your reseted 3.400 trophies. And by this way it is possible for anyone to fall as many arenas as he wants

Wow how much do you know, thanks friend.