Can we get a major game changer to keep things fresh?

The game has become stale and repetitive. The rebalancing every so often is nice, I guess, but for a long time now, there’s been nothing new. Can we get something to keep the game alive, make it feel like we’re working towards something? Maybe some new spells, new minions, maybe even a completely new hero, as crazy as that idea may seem?

I don’t want to come across as demanding. I don’t know how many resources or how much time Nordeus has, especially given the environment of covid, but I remember when the game was first rebooted as Heroic, and new things were being tried out frequently. It kept things fresh, it kept them interesting, and it encouraged me to play all the time

I really hope the devs aren’t content just to sit on the game as it is now, barely ever touching it but for a small handful of rebalances. Please, Nordeus, give us something to look forward to. You don’t have to introduce a whole new gameplay mode like Colossus or Last Hero again. Just something, a new minion or two, anything to keep our attention


That’s like asking companies that make chess boards to please add new pieces because it hasn’t changed in 1600 years.

This is a strategy game and there are more than enough pieces to make it challenging. Adding more would simply clutter up the game and they are not needed.

lol at archers, there are already 5 versions of them in the game. Please no more because it’s just too convoluted the way it is.

Sometimes less is better.

Heroic isn’t a 1600 year old game. It has much more room for experimentation and growth

I’ll give you that “less is more” is certainly a tried and true adage, but would you not also agree that the game as it is feels somewhat stale? There’s nothing to look forward to anymore, really

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They have given us two new minions in the last year with the construct and the ice witch.

Not sure how many you want them to put out exactly but that is a good pace. Things to look forward to is the competition with other good players so I am not sure why you want more stuff.

This is a competitive game and you have a vast array of options at your disposal already. Master what is in the game already then worry about more content.

I have

Both minions you mentioned are Mythic rank, so unless you get lucky with a random phoenix token draw, or take the time to save an absurd number of them, you’re not going to be using them frequently, let alone at any level where they’ll make a significant difference

I never see Ice Witch being used at all, and Vengeful Construct is a niche use. On top of that, both are reskins of existing minions, though I’ll give that that’s a nitpick

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Every card is a niche use. Either way that is new content yet you still aren’t satisfied so I’m thinking you really just want to complain. They have so many cards now that pretty much anything new would be a copy of something that already exists.

And if they add new stuff how long until you are back here complaining that they need more stuff, a month or so?

Calm yourself. No need to be antagonistic

All I’m saying is the game needs something to make it worth going back to. Remember when the campaign mode was added? Remember when things like the spider event or Colossus event were added? Remember when about a dozen minions at once were added?

That’s the sort of refresh I think this otherwise stagnant game needs to remain healthy

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It’s not stagnant unless you have everything maxed and are sitting on top of the leaderboard with zero losses. Not sure why you don’t get that the game is about competition and not a collection game.

Is the game competitive right now?


Adding more stuff isn’t going to make it any more competitive in fact it will just introduce new unbalanced stuff everyone whines about. As for the campaign well it sucked and was not enjoyable in the least.

Oh, I do. It’d just be more interesting if the competition had something new every now and then

Sure, balance might be a bit whack at first. That’s what rebalance patches are for. As is, devs only have to rebalance 3 or 4 things a month these days. I don’t presume to know their resources or how much time their employees have, or anything like that, but it isn’t as if it’s something that couldn’t be addressed

Everything is someone’s favourite something. If you didn’t enjoy campaign, there are other things to play. All the more incentive to introduce other ways of playing, I’d say

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Certainly and I am never against more content being added, I was just saying that I believe the game is in a great place as it is.

I think New arena would be great. Or changable skins would be awesome. Different skins for some minions is very profitable both devs and players. Those cosmetics would make the game more personalised for us. And devs would make great income from them. Win Win situation.

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And you would get bored of a new arena in a day and be asking for another one. The game is about competition not walking around arenas so if that isn’t doing it for you then you are playing the wrong type of game.