Campaign... Help pls

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Please advice-profile in the game I have on 8 lv​:pray::pray::pray:V campaign / 3 book (spider Queen) / chapter 1 / transition from 105 lv to 106 lv / the hero is Ruul … :pray: ??? Please advise how I have to build my set of cards / minions / artifacts / skills​:pray:… … Thank you for the advice and tips … It will also help your screen with a set of minions according to you … Thank you for your help :pray::pray:please send a screen with a tip on how to put it together so that I can finally do 106lv in the campaign … here is my email … … thanks for the help and screens!

Hello. There are a lot of campaign walkthroughs on YouTube from different players from the beginning to the end, one of them

To complete the campaign levels with ease, I recommend looking for equipment with power. Power is only found in the following equipment: right arm (default), helmet, armor and shoes. When pumping up equipment, power can drop in any order, but I do not recommend spending a lot of dust on upgrades if power does not drop out in the second or third slot.