Campaign... Help pls

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Please advice-profile in the game I have on 8 lv​:pray::pray::pray:V campaign / 3 book (spider Queen) / chapter 1 / transition from 105 lv to 106 lv / the hero is Ruul … :pray: ??? Please advise how I have to build my set of cards / minions / artifacts / skills​:pray:… … Thank you for the advice and tips … It will also help your screen with a set of minions according to you … Thank you for your help :pray::pray:please send a screen with a tip on how to put it together so that I can finally do 106lv in the campaign … here is my email … … thanks for the help and screens!

Hello. There are a lot of campaign walkthroughs on YouTube from different players from the beginning to the end, one of them

To complete the campaign levels with ease, I recommend looking for equipment with power. Power is only found in the following equipment: right arm (default), helmet, armor and shoes. When pumping up equipment, power can drop in any order, but I do not recommend spending a lot of dust on upgrades if power does not drop out in the second or third slot.

You really need to level up then wait for the right ascensions for whatever level you are stuck on. It’s not meant to be quick or easy that’s why the rewards are so high. There is no correct setup for each level and sometimes it’s just luck that you get past one. I couldn’t finish it until level 11