Bugs/ Glitches and a comment!

I’ve been addicted to your game and i absolutely love it. Some things i have noticed though. I would say 3/10 games that I’ve been playing recently I’ve noticed a small little glitch that runs through the center of the screen.
Another thing, not very common at all, about 2/10 ish not quite the games don’t fully load and glitch in the matchmaking screen. Luckily im able to reset the app and im normally good to play after that.

So far that’s all i know and seen!
Thank you in advance!

P.S. i love my lvl 10 Doppelganger
I also really hate lvl 10 Ravenous scourge with a shield

Hi Whitefoxlord,

Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

When you say a glitch, it is a visible line? Can you please share a screenshot and more about the device you’re playing on? If you haven’t already, please connect your account to Game Center/Google Play and re-install. That normally does the trick.

If you can share screenshots of both, it would be helpful. Thanks!


I appreciate the quick reply! I will get screenshots ASAP

Interesting, thanks Whitefoxlord. Did a re-install do the trick? Be sure you’re connected to Google Play/Game Center before doing so!

I will do so! And let you know!