Bug affecting battle! Minions completely fail to deploy!

Unable to deploy any minions at all while opponent has normal gameplay. Opponent eventually destroys portal and match is declared as a Defeat. Minions will appear transparently at portal, but they never appear solid nor deploy. I have a video showing an entire battle where this occurred but am unable to share it here. Can something be done to fix this?

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You mean something like this?

Possibly similar… Posting some screenshots.

The minions are transparent and remain in the doorways of the portal.

Does it happen only with Terrin or with other heroes too?

Yes. I always use Terrin Rhii and it’s happened to me and the player in the pics was using him as well. We also have a 3rd guild member that has experienced it and he just confirmed he was using Terrin also.

I have also had an issue when I wasn’t able to play minions and noticed that the timer on the cards was moving backwards. Counter clockwise I think. Have you heard of this happening? Really strange…

Well, what you describe is exactly what i show in the videos :stuck_out_tongue:

Heroic team can we please get something done about this or can I at least get a response? This just happened to me again and I’m losing trophies that I can’t afford to lose…