Bots need a bit balancing for mid players

Guys, i understand the game need bots but im currently lvl 5 facing only maxed out bots with lvl max (or almost) minions. The game hasn’t been fun since last patch, pls make things a little more fair for the middle lvl players as i, i dont want to stop playing, it is a great game.


Yeah, same problem guys.

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Whats your lvl and your average lvl of your minions? And what you facing of?

Default opponent with higher skills and minions lvl in 9/10 games. Especially if i win 2-3 in a row, but if i lose 4-5 games in a row i will get fair opponent.
Devs just making worse with each update and they will pay for it very soon when ppl just leave this p2w trash system.
In my opinion u better make skins for minions/heroes/spells/gates/landscape, some vip cosmetic staff for guilds i don’t know… but if money makes whole the gameplay…f**k it


In some point agree with you, yeh BOT AI could be improved. Or developers could change system
Like Quick battle = against bot and player
Ranked = ONLY against players

  1. Box system is good balanc been free game and p2w. I know you don’t like it. Its just my opinion.

I have been playing this type of games for more than 2 years and sooner or later the same thing always happens and it is the pairing system that puts you to play with higher levels that you are not up to and there is also a great difference in life between your strength and that of the adversary