Bots need a bit balancing for mid players

Guys, i understand the game need bots but im currently lvl 5 facing only maxed out bots with lvl max (or almost) minions. The game hasn’t been fun since last patch, pls make things a little more fair for the middle lvl players as i, i dont want to stop playing, it is a great game.

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Yeah, same problem guys.

Whats your lvl and your average lvl of your minions? And what you facing of?

Default opponent with higher skills and minions lvl in 9/10 games. Especially if i win 2-3 in a row, but if i lose 4-5 games in a row i will get fair opponent.
Devs just making worse with each update and they will pay for it very soon when ppl just leave this p2w trash system.
In my opinion u better make skins for minions/heroes/spells/gates/landscape, some vip cosmetic staff for guilds i don’t know… but if money makes whole the gameplay…f**k it

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In some point agree with you, yeh BOT AI could be improved. Or developers could change system
Like Quick battle = against bot and player
Ranked = ONLY against players

  1. Box system is good balanc been free game and p2w. I know you don’t like it. Its just my opinion.