Blog #6 - Up To The Challenge - Challenges, Event Systems & More


Hi Heroes,

Just a few days now! The team is making final preparations and additions before the release which will come early next week. Be sure to keep an eye on our official social media channels for up-to-the-minute news on the status of the update!

Before we get into the last of our sneak peeks, some important details to cover in case you missed them. All of these are covered in greater detail in this Announcement post.

  1. This Legendary season will last until 8am on Monday the 24th. All chests will be waiting for you after the update is released.

  2. Quests with any 1 or more progress will be autocompleted. IMPORTANT: There won’t be a popup about this, it will just be added to your accounts.

  3. Hog’s Hoard Chest will now only be available for in-app purchase. We will also be resetting Hog’s Hoard Chest to Level 1.

We’re also making some changes to Gem Packs in the Shop and Ferrum value, which is covered in this Announcement here.

Now, onto the blog!

Introducing Challenges

There are many new elements to Heroic 2020 that we’ve teased in previous blogs. Lots of new milestones to reach and new accomplishments waiting to be unlocked.

To go with this, we’re adding a new series of checkpoints to help guide your efforts, as well as to give you some sweet rewards along the way.

We’re introducing Challenges, which you’ll be able to find right on the Main Screen when you log in.

Take a look below!

From reaching certain Arenas to taking part in a certain number of PvP battles to playing Campaign levels, you’ll be able to complete these challenges to not only collect the rewards listed on each banner, but also contribute to the progression towards things like a Legendary!

Integrating Events

As we introduced more and more events into Heroic throughout the Fall, one piece of feedback that we regularly received from the community was that they didn’t feed back into the core game. The events felt somewhat isolated.

In Heroic 2020, we’re introducing an events system that will ensure that all participation in events feeds back into a sustained feeling of progress and achievement.

In line with Tower of Ascension seasons (described in this blog), you will be able to earn seasonal event Tokens called Phoenix Tokens in this first season, which you will be able to use in the new Event Shop. What does this mean?

You’ll get to choose the rewards that you’d like, when you’d like. The more Phoenix Tokens you earn, the more awesome rewards such as Mythic and Legendary Minions you can buy from the Shop.

Event Tokens are limited to seasons and will reset at the end of the season, so you’ll have to think about what you’d like to put your Tokens towards each month. To correspond with this, the names of the Tokens will change, with those from the first season being Phoenix Tokens.

That’s it for now! We’ll have more sneak peeks ahead of the release, so look out for those shortly.

Thanks as ever for your support! We’re very excited for you to check out the biggest release!

See you in the Arena,

The Heroic Team