Blog #5: Let's Get Social! - Connecting Heroes In-Game


Hey Heroes!

The countdown is officially on! We’re just a few short weeks away from the biggest Heroic update yet, and we can’t wait.

We’re going to be sneak peeking many things in the lead up to the release, so be sure you’re following us across our different social media channels:


If you haven’t, please check out the previous dev blogs. This is a big update with many changes across the board, many of which are detailed below. Check them out!

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This blog will go into how we’re working on building out one of the most important aspects of Heroic: making it more social.

We love how the community has taken ahold of the current social features. From coordinating together in Boss Raids to challenging friends, we saw and heard from many of you how important this part of the game is, which is why we wanted Heroic in 2020 to expand on this in a big way.

So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Adding Friends In-Game

The new update will include the ability for Heroes to add Friends directly in game. Previously, friends were made up of Guild members, your referrals and friends you had on Facebook who also were a part of the Heroic Universe.

Now, you’ll be able to open up a player profile of a Hero in-game and send them a friend request if they’re made their profile public, opening up a whole heap of possibilities for battling and connecting. On top of that, we’ve added another layer to the existing social currency called Ferrum by making it shareable among friends on a daily basis through the Friends dashboard, where you’ll also be able to claim your received Ferrum gifts.

Showing Off Your Achievements

The new Heroic update will include Badges, which are earned from achieving different things in game. You’ll be able to show off your Badges on your Player Profile and use them as your Player Icon! Take a look at some of these below!

Post-Match Screen

We’ve completely revamped the Post-Match screen to include a lot more interesting data. From showing which Minion was most effective to telling you if you’ve made any progress towards a Badge, the post match screen will provide loads of new information for Heroes.

Expanding Chat

There’s loads of strategy to discuss in Heroic, as we see all the time on our social channels and fan groups. All over the place, it’s Heroes helping Heroes. And not surprisingly, this led to many within the community asking for more options in-game to connect with others to form Guilds, find more members, swap tips and more.


Heroic 2020 will introduce a hugely expanded Chat.

Global: You’ll be able to connect with Heroes from anywhere within the Heroic Universe.

Local: Segmented by language, this new chat section will allow Heroes with the same device language settings to get in touch.

Individual: To go along with the new ability to add in-game friends, we’re also introducing Hero to Hero chat. This chat will only be available between players who are friends in-game. On top of chat, you will also be able to challenge each other to battles. You will be able to mute/block these chats if you don’t want to converse with a particular person.

And of course, Guild chat will still be available.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading and as ever, thanks for the incredible support!

See you in the Arena,

The Heroic Team