Blog #4: To The Top Of The Tower - Seasons & Minion Ascensions


Salutations, Heroes!

We hope you’ve had a great few weeks in the Arena since our last Blog!

This is already Blog #4 as we steam ahead towards our major February update.

Now, we all know and love all 57 Minions and leveling them up. We all love winning Trophies and climbing the leaderboards to truly show off our domination to everyone in the Heroic Universe. We love succeeding in all different event types and we ALSO love leveling up Heroes and reaping the sweet Spell evolutions that come with it.

Where are we going with this?

All of the above deliver a feeling of domination for every Hero in the community, and until now, there was never a way to collect all of that sense of achievement for every success in Heroic. In our February release, we’re taking the ingredients above and expanding on them further to add more to the Progression itself.

Introducing: The Tower of Ascension!

Take a look at the map we shared in Blog #1. What’s that thing right there in the middle?

That’s right! That’s the Tower of Ascension, which contains a lot of new stuff that we’re super excited to reveal.

To start! We’re expanding the seasonality of Heroic to give each season a new look and feel for our Heroes and to give a deeper, richer season progression. And it all begins with the Tower of Ascension.

We’re introducing a new resource called Glory, which is earned from - well, bringing destruction! All your wins in Heroic will contribute to your Glory tally, from winning regular PvP battles to participating in events. Collecting Glory will be how you climb the Tower.

The Tower of Ascension will be based around a new season type - a 4-week climb that will see all Heroes compete through Tiers every week based on how much Glory they collect. This will be an improvement on Leagues, expanding their seasonality and replacing the Damage system with a more comprehensive Glory-based system in which every triumph in the game counts.

(NOTE: Legendary Trophy Seasons will still be connected to Arena/Trophies and will still last 2 weeks)

From the first day of the season, everything you do, every battle won, will help you ascend through the Tower, each Tier bringing sweet rewards along the way.

What will you do with Glory? All Glory will be put towards…

Minion Ascensions

Much like Spells, we love the added element of your progress being linked to more use and function with your deck.

The Tower of Ascension will give you the opportunity to ascend different Minions each Season, letting you take your Minions to a new level and your deck strategies in new directions. Minion Ascensions will never change the core function/strategic role in your deck of a Minion, and will only improve their existing abilities.

Minion Ascensions are a real mark of skill - they come from winning only. They will not be available to acquire in any other way, so ascending your Minions will be a completely new means of showing off your domination within the Arena to other members of the community.

Each season, your Ascensions reset and the Minions available for ascension within the Tower change, opening up new strategies and opportunities to further explore different combinations and decks in following seasons. Take a look at these Ascensions as a start!

What types of Ascensions can you expect? Well, we don’t want to give those all away yet. But much like current Spell Evolutions, these will carry with them enhanced abilities, extra range and more.

(Sneak peek: Undead Warlord Ascended! Skellies Everywhere!)

We’re excited to expand on the potential of each Minion in the Heroic Universe and to bring a new theme to each season, making all of them unique with the same spirit of accomplishment at the core. Each season, a new test - a new chance for Heroes to expand their skills and show off their dominance in an all-new way.

Until the next Dev Blog, see you all in the Arena!

The Heroic Team