Blog #3: Grab Your Equipment & Artifacts - More Personalization For Playstyles


Happy 2020, Heroes!

We hope you all enjoyed a nice and relaxing turn of the decade and that the new one has already kicked off well with some tasty wins in the Arena!

We’re just a bit over a month and a half away from the big release that the team is currently hard at work on. If this is your first visit to the Dev Blog, time for you to catch up! We’ve broken down a few of the elements of the new version of Heroic in the previous two blogs. Check them out below:

Dev Blog #1 - Overview
Dev Blog #2 - Campaign Mode

In today’s post, we’re going to look at one of the new features we’re developing to give our Heroes more personalization options for their playstyles.

With the current Heroic, Minions and Spells are the elements with which each Hero crafts their particular style of play. We can level up our armies to further strengthen and build out the strategies that we like to bring to the Arena.

We’ve heard from the community about wanting to add more variety to this portion of Heroic, to give everyone more tools that they can use to put their own stamps on their decks in a way that makes each individual battle an even more unique test. :slight_smile:

Introducing Equipment and Artifacts!

Heroic 2020 will take a page from the RPG genre and introduce Equipment and Artifacts - new collectibles that will add a stat-changing dimension to your deck-building process across both PvP and PvE battles.

Equipment - PvE Gamechangers

Equipment will be unlockable in Campaign mode and used to progress in all PvE events: Campaign, Boss Raids and all future PvE events. So, as we teased in the previous blog post, even if you have all Heroes unlocked and leveled up, there’s always new items to grab in the campaign that will help you along your journey in PvE events.

Equipment earned is Hero-specific, and can bring a range of boosts like Portal Health, Minion Power, Spell power and more. Leveling up these items will increase their primary stats and add secondary stats for even more benefits.

Artifacts - Fortify Your PvP Decks

When you’re coming up with your next favorite deck before a PvP battle in our big release, you’ll notice that you’ll have Artifact slots to work with. Similar to Equipment, Artifacts are unlocked in the Campaign and by completing PvE events, but give boosts on a smaller scale than Equipment since they are Minion-specific items. For instance, if you’d like to create a heavier Bloodstalker deck, you can find an Artifact that can give him a special boost.

Curious to see what these will look like? Check out our first sneak peeks below!



Equipment and Artifacts will vary in rarity and other classifications, just like Minions and Spells, but regardless of what your collection looks like, every piece of Equipment and every Artifact will bring a helpful boost to your strategy.

If you’d like to get rid of some of what you find, you’ll be able to shatter them for Dust - a new currency that will be used to level up Items.

That’s it for this blog post! Look out for more soon as we continue to dive in to the biggest update yet for Heroic!

Once again, all the best in the New Year, and see you in the Arena!

The Heroic Team