Blog #1: Going Into 2020 In A Big Way - Plans, Dev Blog & More


Hey Heroes,

Welcome to the first Heroic Dev Blog, where we’ll dive into what’s in development, ideas we’re exploring and more from within the Heroic Universe!

We wanted to take some time to talk about the future for Heroic - Magic Duel as we approach the end of what has been a big first 6 months for the game.

The way we have traditionally worked with releasing new features is that we look at what is needed, what is requested and what fits into the long term plans of the game. We then develop and release it to the community. Then we monitor in-game experiences and data, follow community feedback and slowly start planning for changes, while we are simultaneously working on the next features.

This is a time-consuming process, and has been holding us back on delivering the full potential of the game. So from now until the end of February, we are going to try a new approach.

Our goal is to create the most fun battle experience around for our players, one that brings together strategy, skill, and creativity in a rich, meaningful way. We have fully mapped out our ultimate version of Heroic with all the features we believe are needed for it to reach the potential we see in the game - much of which has come from hearing from all of you. Instead of releasing small features one at a time, we are working on an absolutely major release for February that will make everything else pale in comparison!

So, what’s that look like, you ask? On top of our existing PvP battles and events, here’s an overview of what we’re working on currently:

  • Solo PvE: Exploring the world with each of the Heroes
  • Guilds: Creating a deeper, more social clan experience
  • Variety: More ways to play (events, solo, and more)
  • Progression: Working on how seasons/leveling work
  • Data/Stats: Representing your success/progress visually
  • Community: New ways to connect with other Heroes within the Arena
  • Heroes: New Hero customization system

Working this way allows us to create a much better experience for all of you as we release this. But don’t worry, we’ve still got things coming in the meantime, with events with added variety and other surprises, so as ever, keep a lookout on our channels for all the news of what’s coming.

Along the way we will test out features and gather player feedback as we progress. We want to ensure that what we make is really for you guys.

This might be our first dev blog but it won’t be the only one. Even though we want to hang on to some surprises for the big release day, we want to keep you in the loop about the upcoming features and everything we’re working on. We’ll dive into different topics mentioned above in greater detail with each blog post, as well as share some sneak peeks.

Look at this for a starter!

We’re super excited about what 2020 has in store and are looking forward to the evolution of Heroic in February.

Thanks as always for the support this year and for all of the great battles!

Until next time in the dev blog, see you in the Arena!

The Heroic Team