Blade Dancer NONSENSE

How does a level 9 Blade Dancer (common) kill a level 10 Phase Assassin (legendary)?.. and live to tell the story?


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Why not? Assassins’ legendary skill is invisibility until she first hits the target. Nothing special after that

Well you got a good point there with invisibility but a level 10 legendary should kill a level 9 common, period.

Some Legendary cards are too weak,no players dare to use them.For example,Phase Assassin,Trinity and so on.Ithink developers need to improve them.

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Phase Assassin its a common card dont let the golden color fool you!

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I don’ t like phase assassin, but trinity combined with commander deals serious damage…!

Assassins are not up to the standard of legendary cards.

seems developers doesnt care what u all think

good idea not to spend money for this shit

you are not using it correctly, assasin phase is really good at portal rally with a tank infront of her, you have to use spell or sacrificr at least 2 units.