Balancing Suggestions


As of the recent Update, we have seen some interesting developments and needed balancing. However, it feels like a good part of it has been left unfinished. This is what I am referring to:

Valen’s shield - It seems it is the fastest spell to load in the game. While I have nothing against the concept of the spell or the game style it accompanies (have played a Valen shield deck), the fact that it enables this rush with 2x rolling rocks and other, technically weak cards, to shut you down is a bit ridiculous. Interestingly, when I played the rush deck, even though I had 2x Rolling rocks, I would very rarely load my starting hand with one, let alone both. Seems like every opponent I fight starts with a perfect hand to rush me :stuck_out_tongue: and depending on your own starting hand, you will either manage to push back and survive or be defeated within the first 45 seconds. Suggestion: increase starting spell loading time to the average time of other spells. It will even the playing field and we will likely see less decks filled with low level, quick loading cards :stuck_out_tongue:

Blade Dancer - this one has become quite popular. It is an interesting minion, but was it truly intended that it can deal so much damage to the portal? o.O

Doppleganger - Perhaps consider limiting this card to one per deck. While it might not always work as intended (ie, sometimes a “weak” card is copied, like a skeleton), it can cause a big disbalance - copying abominations twice in a row, skeleton warlords, etc. I have seen decks full of, again, quick loading weaker cards that use the doppleganger as leverage to respond to the opponents stronger cards. It wouldn’t be a problem if there was a way to properly respond to it, but when you have 2 skeleton warlords and 3 abominations heading at you and you have nothing to respond with but an Amazon and frost imp, it makes it a bit ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue: What it does, in my opinion, similar to Valens shield, is disable balanced decks in favor of rush down decks. Of course, if that was the intention, then it is what it is. In any case, it’s a bit disencouraging when you scrape and manage to put out a SW and your opponent has 3 doppleganger in his hand - suddenly you are left without a response. Perhaps a limitation like “the last card copied cannot be copied again” would bring more balance.

FireWitch- I still believe the FW does too much damage on spawn. I would have nothing against her affecting all the minions in one lane or all lanes but with less damage (ie enough to kill skeletons and the like but not Silver Rangers and Amazons) but as it is, this card is a literal game changer. One FW to kill them all and in defeat bind them :stuck_out_tongue:

There are other things but, IMO, these are the big pains at the moment. :confused: And while not everyone will agree on FW with me, I’m pretty sure we will have a Valen shield protest on our hands soon xD

For your consideration. :slight_smile: Stay awesome. Stay Heroic.


I have to disagree with you, the whole point of Valen’s shield its to put an early pressure on the enemy. You have to sacrifice an ofensive spell for it but it doesnt lack in counters: Earthquake, Scorched Earth, Chilling Wind, even Valen’s own Hammer of the Gods at second evolution. So pretty much anything wich deals waves of damage can take down 2 minion stacks plus shield all in a single swipe. Not to mention chances of getting 2x Rolling rocks early is quite low, around 8% if im not mistaken.

Some decks are stronger against others depending on its composition, theres always gonna be one that puts you at a disadvantage and viceversa, thats a good thing from a balance point of view.

I will also have to disagree about your Doppleganger suggestion, since having it in your deck can sometimes pay off but copying the right minion at the right time its tricky and its far from guaranteed so its kinda like a high risk high reward sort of card. It will be pretty useless if your enemy only spawns massive minions and even if he does spawn a strong minion, he would have to be the only enemy on the field for the copy to succed 100%.

I wont talk about Blade Dancer or Fire Witch since i dont really have experience playing with them.

Anyway, thats my feedback on the matter. Peace.

We will have to agree to disagree :slight_smile:

I get the purpose of the shield but there really is no logic in it loading faster than any other spell. By the time your spells become available, depending on what you’re using and which hero, your opponent will have already pushed to your portal and by the time you have responded, the shield has recharged. Once initially in, it is exceedingly difficult to push them back. Not impossible, depending on the hand you are dealt, but very difficult.
And I stand by the doppleganger. Or at least in my experience, 9 out of 10 times the opponent will have copied a high level card.
Finally, the reason people suggest changes often has to do with making gameplay more interesting and keeping it fresh. If something is overused, then maybe it deserves some attention. There are a lot of people that have frustrations with the Shield as well as a lot of decks that use it. My experience, both professional in the gaming industry and personal as a gamer, is that changes will be implemented at some point to balance things and keep it current.
None the less, thank you for your comments :slight_smile:

Well we may have different opinions but we both want the same, a game that allows for different strategies to be able to succed.