Balanced! Is it?

Hi there to you all! I’m Georod7 from Greek Legion! I usually do not complaint about games but it is very frustrating what happens.
I’ve seen many updates of the game since I’ve been playing it for 1 year and 2 months. Most of them the designers were trying to make the game more equal for the players or “balanced” !!! Have they succeed it? I believe not!
Why? Cause of this:

I don’t know what their thinking is, but it certainly needs improvement! Lately it has been an issue for many players of my guild, especially those close to 5.000+ trophies! I hope the developers see this and fix it in a later update!

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No wonder they say: “The more difficult the battle, the sweeter the victory.” “The only way to get smarter is to play with a smarter opponent” - chess foundation. For me personally, it is a tragedy that I have level 10 and cannot fight against lvl 12. I am sure that my style of play will become even more powerful when I start playing with more powerful opponents.

Hi! How can 10k+ players play the game if the system doesn’t match 10k+ players with you? Because only 3 or 4 players in the world have got that much trophies… And BTW if you win a match you get 60 points but when you lose a match you lose only 5 points

If the devs would not be so greedy for microtransactios as they seem to be, they would come up with a simple yet effective solution to this issue: match the players according to their deck power instead of cups. If only anyone cared.