Balance for legendaries

Instead of bringing out new events maybe you should think about balancing, or at least allowing for some counterplay to some of the legendary/mystic cards already released.

There is zero counter to Hellfiend.
The only counter to Firewitch is a split second spell. Which means in order to counter her you must have a quick spell as one of the two spells.
Nature Guardian can only be countered by some spells or by Silver Archer or Lord Sumrak. Maybe if you’re lucky you can drop 2-3 melee units right in front of it, but if you can’t, there’s no chance to hit it.
Lord Sumrak is countered by another Lord Sumrak, or the next five units you play leaving the other two lanes undefended.
Does Bloodstalker have to have such high speed? Maybe the speed should be inversely proportional to the boost it gets.
Why doesn’t Reflector reflect Revenant’s attack??? At least that would offer something as a counter to a high mana Revenant.

The other legendaries have counters.

Have you seen what Rolling Rocks do to Immortal Knight?
Anything vs. Rune Cannon.
Trinity is a waste.
Soul Leech is countered by range and by not killing the other units.
Mana Wraith. I love when the opponent plays this extra slow card. I know that all the other cards they have from now until Mana Wraith is destroyed costs more, so I wait as long as I can before I kill a Mana Wraith.
Phase Assassin is great against single opponents but useless against several.
Punsiher might be great early but higher cost ranged cards as well as hordes chew him up.

And before any of you come back with “but they’re legendaries, they should be powerful”, think about how Clash Royale handles Legendaries. None of them don’t have a counter or several options to counter.

I hope you keep track of card win rates, especially the win rates of decks that have one of the overpowered cards vs. decks that don’t.

At what trophies range are you playing? Every minion you mention to be overpower its not:

Hellfiend has average stats for a legendary card, the only reason hes legendary its because he can spawn anywhere and kill swarms/dmg portal, but for similar mana costs there are stronger cards. I recommend using Pixie to counter him, same applies for Fire Witch wich has a long channeling time (4 or 5 seconds), or you can use Frost Imp or Hellfiend aswell.

Lord Sumrak its strong but expensive and can easily be countered by Viper or Doppelganger. This also applies for Bloodstalker and Revenant.

Bloodstalker can take 2 hits from every enemy before starting to move or attack. Hes quite weak if you dont have a lot of minions on the field.

Nature Guardian its easily countered by Silver Ranger.

Please note that legendaries should be stronger than common cards but also they start at lvl 9 so you should compare them to other lvl 9 cards and not below.

I’m at 3800-4200 so every reset I have lvl 8 troops and get mixed in with opponents with lvl 9 legendaries.

Every reset it’s the same thing. Drop 200 trophies, work your way back up to 4100-4200 and hit a streak of opponents with one of the big five legendaries and get slammed back to below 4000.

There’s a wall that players won’t be able to get past until they get one of the best legendaries or get their cards above lvl8. Moving the reset point from 3500-4000 hasn’t changed anything.

I have fire witch and Lord Sumrak. I don’t have Hellfiend, Bloodstalker, Revanent or Nature Guardian.

Doppleganger hardly works when there’s more than one unit on the field. I haven’t tried viper.

Bloodstalker takes about 5 hits to die, and is past your counter and at the portal before you have enough to send another unit to die.

And don’t you think that player’s don’t know this. Play nature guardian, wait for the silver archer, spell kill the archer, lock down that lane.

The uncounterable lvl 9 legendaries are creating a frustrating wall that no matter how skilled a player you are, it’s rare to overcome. I can’t remember the last time I got a legendary either. I do remember going on a streak of 3 in 3 days but nothing for a long time.

So basically you are complaining about not being able to win more when you dont have all the cards you need to progress. That has nothing to do with balance, its just how progression works. I play at 4600 with a level 3 Rhii, Valen or Alayna and lvl 7 spells, and i’ve never had a minion i could never counter with the right card, even when most of the players i face have higher hero, spells and minion levels.

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Please, Oh Great One, enlighten us with your underleveled, non legendary deck.

I agree with some of your thoughts, Nature Guardian has almost no counterplay, silver ranger can kill him sure but he dies really easy, plus if NG is already close to the portal… than thats it, only spells can do something (plus hellfiend cant even kill a lvl 10 NG).

Sumrak should increase to 3 hits instead of 2 to use his ability OR his power bar should decrease as he stops hitting so he cant immediately explode troops that are summoned in his lane.

Revenant is absurd, hes fast, tanky, strong and has area dmg, plus he hits so fast sometimes viper doenst even have a chance to hit him. He sometimes survives 2 spells+undead warlord… its just ridiculous.

The rest i think are in a good place right now or at least close to it.

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I’m lvl 8 with lvl 8 spells. When I see a lvl 7 or lower opponent with lvl 7 spells or lower I already know they have Hellfiend, Nature Guardian or Revenant in their deck.

The best legendaries right now are:

  • Nature Guardian with damage, health, range AND CC.
  • Soul leech that has nice base health and gets 750 attack and hp per squad of skeletons killed. You can’t really tell your units to stop killing them, more so if she’s played behind them. Often having to use a spell to kill a 4 mana unit is kinda much.
  • Revenant has great damage, decent hp, splash, above average speed and versatility.