Anyone encountered cheaters today?

Anyone encountered cheaters today? opponents with the same number of trophies as mine has faster skill cool downs. literally throws the same spell at me three times before my spell went off cool down. Summoning several executioners and fire demons 20 seconds into the game. am I missing something here? please clean up the game of cheaters.

Hi radradical, thanks for getting in touch!
We’d like to look into that. Any chance you can share a replay or your username and the username of the opponent? Thanks so much and apologies for the inconvenience.

the last opponents that I had this problem was Remix_54, there was also a player named Jason and a player named Mason.

I will try to send you a screen shot, I will be playing in a minute.

thank you for the fast response.

My username is Ravenjay26 in the game

Sorry, it’s RavenJay26

Thanks radradical, that is all the info we need!
We’ll look into it as soon as possible to make sure no manipulation is present in game, as we have zero tolerance towards that.
In the meantime, happy battling!

I’ve also noticed some hackers in the game. A couple of matches ago I recently played against someone who’s mountain Giants spit out 10 rolling rocks when they die. I’ve seen a bunch of questionable things so I’ll have to start reporting those players especially since I spent $1k on this game in just 3 weeks!

Record the replays and upload them…!

me too… ive fought players who can spam cards/powers literally when they want…