[Announcement] Upcoming Store Changes and Ferrum Values

Hi Heroes,

We’re introducing a lot of new places to unlock rewards/resources with the new update. As a result, this will require us making certain adjustments to some resources/shop items.

Ferrum: There will be many more ways to earn Ferrum beyond referrals with the new version, including daily gifts from your in-game friends to card donations giving Ferrum instead of Gold. These changes meant us needing to change the value of Ferrum which we’ll be sharing more about after the update day.

Gem Packs: Same as with Ferrum, we’ve made Gems more accessible in-game by introducing more places and features to get them. As such, Gem quantity in Gem packs have been reduced, as you’ll have more ways to earn them throughout the game. Some of the new additions include the likes of a Monthly Card, which will give Heroes great value on Gems on a monthly basis. For anyone who sees different values from the package to payment confirmation, you will receive the Gem quantity as you have been so far.

We look very forward to you all seeing the full experience soon!

The Heroic Team