[Announcement] Upcoming Changes to Hoggy Bank, Season News & More

Hi Heroes,

The biggest update yet is around the corner and we have some important news to share ahead of the release. All of the changes, unless otherwise stated, will take effect on the 24th of Feb.

Season Length Change - Feb 17th

In order to not interrupt a Legendary season, we’ll be shortening the season starting next week on the 17th of February to one week. The reset will happen on 24th of February after the update and rewards will be claimable upon the season reset, so take advantage of this chance to grab another Legendary Chest and keep racking up those wins in the Legendary Arenas!

Hog’s Hoard Changes

Hog’s Hoard will now be available only for In-App Purchase and will no longer be purchasable with Gems.

Fear not, however - we’ll be adding cool new features such as Battle Pass that you’ll also be able to unlock with Gems and in return get Gems and other valuable resources.

Important Addition: Hog’s Hoard Chests will be reset to Level 1


With the new update, we’ll have to reset Quest timers. Some quests will be interrupted for those who have started them. We’ve got you covered. Any quest with the progress bar on 1+ at the time of the release will be automatically added to your account after the Update. We’ll send an in-game message as well as a reminder.

Stay tuned for more news about the release on all of our social channels!