[Announcement] Ruul Guild Event Feedback - Apr 1

Hi Heroes,

Thank you for all of the thoughts/feedback regarding the most recent Boss Raid.

We know how important these events are to the community, and as we mentioned over the weekend, we love running them - the Guild collaborations and takedowns of Azuhul that many of you put together are incredible. We really strive for Boss Raids to be marquee events.

We needed to adjust the difficulty of the Guild Event to correspond with the stat boosts introduced by Equipment for PvE events. As many of you pointed out however, these adjusted settings made for some very difficult Guild levels. This didn’t meet the Guild Raid expectations within the community.

This, of course, was not our intention with these changes, and we apologize once again for the frustration caused. We’re working hard to improve the difficulty settings for the next Guild Event to return to a level of difficulty that feels fair and fun.

On top of that, today we’re giving all Guild members who participated in the Guild Event and completed Level 20 the Legendary that was on offer for completing the previous one. This one-time-only Legendary is available for you to claim now in the Shop. :slight_smile:

We appreciate all of the passion everyone delivers to Eldonia on a daily basis. Your feedback as we continue to make improvements following our big release is as important as ever, so we thank you for all of the thoughts that you share with us.

Look out for more news soon on when Azuhul will come knocking once again for the next Boss Raid.

See you in the Arena,

The Heroic Team

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