Alayna Spirit Call Insanity

Honest question: does anyone else think Alayna with a fully leveled Spirit Call is unbeatable unless you are the same? 3 Hellfiends at your portal in early game is devastating and darn near unrecoverable. Why are virtually all 7k+ players using this? Is that not indicative of an imbalance?

Am I missing some obvious counter here that anyone should suggest or is she just that OP and I should only be leveling her? I hover around rank 50 worldwide, but if i go against a fully leveled Spirit Call, Iā€™m done for 95% of the time. I have tried Noella, Valen, and Terrin, all with close to max abilities.


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I think you are correct but at least in my experience alayna its the weakest hero by far before reaching high level, so i think its kinda fair in a twisted kind of way.