Alay'na spells vs Fire witch - slow spells

Except Alay’na, all other heroes have at least one spell which can be used against fire witch to stop her firing every minion on field.

  • Ruul - Meteor
  • Valen - Mallet
  • Terrin - Lighting, Vortex
  • Noella - Ice spears, Ice rift, Deep freeze

Problem with Alay’na’s spells is, they are too slow to reach to opponent’s portal.

Most of the players place fire witch at their portal end, and by the time Alay’na’s eagle or rhino spell reaches there, witch torches every minion on the field.

My suggestion is to increase animation speed of Rhino spell to reach to opponent’s portal, which will either kill or stun fire witch.

I think doing the same with soaring eagle spell instead of rhino charge is useless, because it doesn’t stand chance in case of Noella’s tomb stones, and one spell should not interfere with other for effectiveness against fire witch.


@cyclone i don’t play alay’na but i’m agree with this !

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