Alay'na showing more gear as equipped than she can actually equip

As you can see in the attached screenshot, my equipment page for Alay’na shows 2 body armors, 2 head dresses and 2 off hand weapons as “Equipped”. I am unable to make this bug go away. It only happened to Alay’na. It’s annoying because I have to go into a mission to see which item I actually have equipped, which requires a candle.

Hi Miathan,

This is a great point. What I believe is happening here, and please confirm, but do you have multiple Alay’na decks set up?

Equipment is showing as equipped across decks, so it won’t always be 6 if you’re picking and choosing from your options. I’ve forwarded the feedback onto the team in any case, so thanks a lot for this!

Hope this helps. All the best!


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You are right, thank you!! I feel a little stupid for not realizing this myself, but on the other hand, the game doesn’t make it very clear.