Again people "cheating" on colossus event

Hi, again people that are in top rank are losing trhopies to play the event, here i will adjunt a picture examples. I wont spend any cent more until you find a solution for this kind of cheat( i know that is not illegal but is clearly unfair). You should remove life system until you fix this. Because the people who play fairly can lose lifes, but this people playing with a lot less trhopues opponet wont.

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@Valen @Noella please, can you talk this with developers?

Life system is the worst feature of the game now. We need to spend crystals to play more. It’s like entering the game is free, but you need to pay as much as you want to play it.

I agree, maybe is good to general leaderboard, but not to individual prizes.

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It’s not even cheating at this point.

The leaderboards give far more Phoenix Tokens as rewards than the free reward track of the event, so if you want decent tokens, you have to rank high. And in order to rank high, you have to drop trophies to manipulate your matchmaking. Because everyone else is dropping, so if you stay at your normal level, you don’t stand a chance.

The obvious solution is to not do event matchmaking by trophies. It’s too easily exploited, and then players feel like they have to exploit to compete.


Exactly, its necessary to think a solution for this kind of exploits, it is ruining the experience

ehh…u just noticed this is a shit unfair pay to win game?

This has nothing to do with money…

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ehh…did u noticed?
its just a pay to win game, nothin more

I have the same issue you have 5 lives and gone in 10 minutes spend 50 crystals again 5 lives lost shame that they bring the 5 life system to this part it is just a quick way of forcing people to spend crystals and money really a shame the whole game is gone look like a cashing machine i also think that the game designer has high level Players too, so thet can earn quick money… the game is good i like it very much but they are breaking the fun of it…

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