Add Clan Wars Events

I would like to see Clan Wars. Maybe it can be something like this:

  • Event last from friday to monday
  • You press a button to declare a war (only leader or co-leader can do this for coordination purposes) and get a random clan (based on your total points so far) as an opponent.
  • The war declaration last for a specific time (maybe one hour), where every clan member can fight against the rival clan members.
  • If you win against the rival clan member, you get points based on the level and position difference (For example, if a normal member wins against a leader or co-leader, or if a level 9 player wins against a level 10 player). Losser gets 0 points.
  • At the end of the war, each clan gets the total of acumulated points plus a bonus for the winning clan. This points are added to the clan total.
  • Based on the clan total points, the clan increase possitions, earning rewards on the way and also at the end of the clan war event. Prices can be for first, second, third position, but also for groups, for example, position 4 to 10 get another reward, position 11 to 20 another reward, 20 to 30 and so on. This way everyone gets a rewards based on the leaderboard.
  • Also each individual player has a separate milestone rewards where he/she can get prices based on points earned in the clan war. This way not only clan get rewards but also indivudual players get reward. Of course clan rewards must be better than individual rewards in order to incentivate team work.

The game should be relaxed, now more and more activities, more and more time will be required, which will become a burden rather than a leisure entertainment!