Actually suspended account?

Hey there…!

This is Antony from Greek Legion INT. I had some connection problems since today morning, mainly in arena. I’m aiming for the stars this time, i didn’t want to lose trophies, so i said, let’s play solo spider. I reached if i remember correctly around level 40 something when my smash damage wasn’t enough, so i leveled up Noela. Leveled up just fine

Going to attack, game froze while loading level, so i restarted

When i entered the game, Noela was in her previous level and i was missing around 200 shards, if i remember correctly, to level her up again. Not the biggest of my problems at the moment, but a strange one non the less.

So i restarted the game, my shards were back and i leveled her up once more. Entered solo spider, stuck again at loading screen. Closed the game, reopened, same thing with missing shards. Closed again, reopened. Shards were there.

I leveled her up once more and a message that i have been disconnected has appeared. Reopened the game and a wild message appeared…!

I would really appreciate it if you could have a look at it and send an answer.

Name in the game: Antony
If it helps, with colour code and symbol: Ӂ[3399CC]Antony
Guild: Greek Legion INT

Noela is not my main hero. I wasn’t going to participate in guild event because of lack of time. I preferred to spend my time in arena, stay in main guild and not transfer in Spider Guild GR. So, please, do not suspend everyone’s account like last time in Greek Legion 2…!

I know it takes time to resolve these kind of problems, so i will be waiting. If you need any info, i would be happy to provide it


Hi Kariolis, thanks for reaching out and sending all the info!
The team is looking into your case. As soon as I have an update, I will get back to you via DM.
Best regards,

Didn’t wait for such a fast answer. Thanks in advance…!

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