Account is disabled

Greetings to all! My id 2rrvti5ucj. I am a member of the REBELS guild.
I’m already tired of writing to you … As you know, our guild was banned along with my guilds! The account was banned without any warnings or explanations, it has already been a month and a half. I really want to play your game, but due to these unpleasant circumstances I cannot!
What have I violated? Check my account for honesty, never cheated and the like, even donated money to the game, now I won’t even say how much, but more than $ 800.
Due to the fact that someone used cheats or I don’t even know what, I must suffer. In general, I am against cheats and always play clean.
Wrote about it on the forums, to no avail …
I ask you to help me get rid of this problem!