Account disabled 7/6/20

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User: Ηλίας
Guild: greek legion2


Sorcerer13 from this team Ηλία, καποιος ηλίθιος κινεζος εκλεψε στη ομαδα και μαλλον μας πεταξαν ολους εξω…

Hi Sorcerer13 and Ηλίας, thanks for reaching out. As you’ve mentioned, we have spotted irregularities during this Guild Boss Raid in relation to your guild performance. In accordance with our Terms of Service, we have issued bans and we are further investigating the situation to ensure a fair environment to all players. This investigation can take up to 48 hours, upon which we will get in touch with you via direct messages with more info on your account status. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Best regards,

OK, so we will wait to see if our accounts will be restored.
Speaking for myself, and maybe for others of my team, i peaked the spider goodies before i realize that a player only cheated… As a coleader in the team, i immediately kick him out, but… Hope you get the picture…
Looking forward for replies to the issue.

A member of the team - greek legion 2 - cheated in the spider event (dont k ow how!) and now my account disabled (maybe from all my team members?)
I kick out the player who cheated (some strange Chinese characters name, i wish i knew) but… shall i uninstall and forget the game? Or is there a way to enable my account, as those from my teammates?
I am Sorcerer13,i see Ηλιας also gets here for help…
Are we unprotected against other players?
Why shall we spend our money if for the acts of others we take the penalties???

So, all of greek legion2 disabled?

Yes I think they disabled for the whole clan… I can’t play either says same thing when I try to open the app… And from what I have been reading. That’s crazy I was wondering what happened but I wasn’t complaining! But yeah I guess we have to wait up to 48hours to figure out if our accounts are banned or not… really sucks becsuse I know I had nothing to do with what happened …