A solution to event flooding - more gameplay alternatives

Many other players have complained about the frequency of the Last Hero Standing, Capture the Flag, and Colossus events. They happen so frequently that it just isn’t special, and as another effect of these events being held so often, it encourages players to intentionally keep their trophies low. The devs have partially addressed this by locking in trophy progress at certain milestones, but come the end of each season when everyone resets to 3400, it’s painfully easy to just stay there for the duration of the events, thus making the top players crush anyone who’s rightfully around that trophy level

In addition to that, the game has another problem - lack of variety. The constant events is, I believe, an attempt to provide more gameplay variety. Because otherwise, what is there? The battle arena, and campaign mode - which I do commend as a great retooling of the Survival event, but players are also limited by candles

So this means if you have no candles, all you can do is standard battle arena. If there’s an event going on, there’s a good chance you’ll either be matched with bots, or with players who intentionally keep their trophies low and instantly crush you

There NEEDS to be a fix to this. I implore the Nordeus team to introduce some kind of variety that can be accessed whenever the player wishes. Introduce some kind of daily alternative game mode that provides incentive to play something other than standard battle. Some ideas off the top of my head…

Single lane mode, or only two lanes instead of three. Double mana/spell recharge speed. Begin the game with portal health diminishing like in overtime. Randomized decks, or a deck that is able to pull any card the player owns

Any of those. Make it change day to day. Make it not affect trophy count - leave that to the standard battle arena - if there’s to be any reward, make it something like artifacts, equipment, or perhaps even a small amount of hero shards

I wholly believe this is the breath of life the game needs. Players will be more entertained by having more to do, more ways to play, and the events can be spaced out more. This will not only make the events feel more special and enjoyable when they do come, but they can potentially last a day or two longer, and with there being more time between them, this will decrease the incentive to intentionally hold back trophies

I would love to hear feedback on this, especially if this is something the devs would consider. Personally, this is one of the biggest things I would like to see implemented in the game to keep it going strong


I have been telling them the same thing since months ago, we need 2 vs 2 or even 4vs4, we can use the Last Hero Standing Engine, we need clan wars or some sort of clan vs clan thing, we need rewards for top 200 players on arena, the game lacks replayability and while campaign mode was a nice addition, the way it was implemented with candle limit and having to replay same lvl over and over to farm it kills all the fun.

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Maybe an unpopular opininion, but i think it’s “better” with the so frequent events. I got bored at some point and wished for more frequent events. Then, frequent events came but they were way to frequent. But i realised i didn’t have to play everyone of them everytime they appeared. I could be selective. Also, if you want to get on top, you have to spend A LOT of hours on them. I couldn’t do that everytime. Same with me, i suppose that many people also can’t. Which means that the event farmers or whatever they are called, won’t do it everytime. Which in turn means that at some point events will become maybe easier for more players to reach top spots

The events used to be something special. Their frequency maybe shows that they aren’t so special anymore and we should accept them as part of the regular game. This not a bad thing

The other modes both of you suggest are interesting and i loved to see them in pracrice…!