A few rebalance suggestions

Hi. Just have a couple minor gripes I’d like to share when it comes to the state of the game at present. Absolutely love this game and want it to be in the best shape it can be, and for that, I have some suggestions to better the overall game balance

Pixie - I believe this card is a little too strong for its effect. A minor reduction in damage would be welcome

Brute - I never see anyone use this card, which is a shame, because it’s a good card that I feel is otherwise hindered by being prohibitively costly - 7 mana is a little too high. 6 would give it a fighting chance of being used more often

Elite Archers and Elite Warriors - in the present day meta of minion spam, these cards are similar, but also almost polar opposite. Elite Archers are a staple in any minion spam deck, while their Warrior counterparts rarely see play. At 7 and 9 mana respectively, I feel like there’s a bit of an imbalance here. I would suggest bringing them both to 8 mana

Bloodstalker - I feel this card is mostly well done, but for one problem. If your troops are put to sleep by Pixie, the Bloostalker’s health drain will wake them back up. I think it would be fairer if this health drain did not wake stunned minions back up

And lastly, I have no specific suggestions in mind for these, but some cards I very rarely or never see used - Primal Spirit, Shadow Huntress, Prince Vindur (this guy really needs a general buff), Stone Elemental, Reaper, and to a lesser degree, Water Elemental and Goblin Marksman. I think all of these cards could do with some sort of rebalancing to get them back into the game, and honestly, I feel like it would be very refreshing to the meta, perhaps even more so than if new cards were introduced (though I still hold out hope for this someday!) I would love to see more variety than a constant barrage of troops with little rhyme or reason as to which lane they’re placed in or when

I also welcome discussion on my thoughts from the community