2vs2 or 3vs3 mode

Hello, im really loving the game so far but i would like to know if you guys are considering adding some sort of team fight mode. Currently the game is great but you play alone all the time even when you do the guild events. My sugestion its to add 2vs2 & 3vs3 or even some sort of guild wars. How could it work:

  • 1 player of each team fights while the others spectate
  • Whenever 1 player loses the field its reseted and a new team member takes his place
  • HP from player heroes remains unaltered after each match
  • Wichever team defeats all of the other players from enemy team first wins
  • Better rewards since games would take longer
  • Highest trophies player is considered for matchmaking balance

I would also love to see some sort of wave survival mode or event.

Keep up the good work!


Or some “Play off” tournament :slight_smile:


That’s a super cool idea Zarzo! A team mode of some sort would be lots of fun. A player spectating reminded me of tapping out in a wrestling team battle. :slight_smile: We’ll share your idea with the team.

We have some exciting stuff coming soon which we can’t share on quiteeeee yet, so keep an eye on our channels soon!