1st Official tournament feedback

First of all thanks for push game forward! And hope you will continue. And now my feedback:

  1. Pleas rework ( Make ) visualization what is forbidden in the FB Stram. After 4/5 match have no idea what is baned
  2. Creating deck time - when players have time for complete deck I missing Timer in stream or better in studio?
  3. Missing some “official” rules in forum. I know it is first but why don’t post rules for all pp?
  4. All minion’s on SAME lvl? Huh thats good point Exept Mythic minions, downgrade them 1 lvl down
  5. Very very Nice UI when players fight!

Thanks for reading,
Rhii Player Frankenstejn


Hi Frankenstejn,

Thank you so much for this feedback and for tuning into the stream! All of your points are very valid and important to bring in all the players watching the stream. We will for sure post the rules next time and see what we can do about the banned cards/timer - those are excellent points.

Thanks again!